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Member Community

Member Directory

Member Directory

Present a Member Directory which includes all active paying members and allows either all visitors or just logged in users to access personal contact details allowing for member to member communication.

This Directory can be filtered by Region, Special Interest Groups, Membership Type and other key data. There is also an A to Z filter to find members alphabetically.

Q & A's for Associations

Community Answers

The Q&A section has been modelled on Yahoo Questions and offers a Question and Answer forum where members, website users and visitors can share information and knowledge by asking and answering questions with each other.

This self service model builds knowledge from the member community, highlights the industry champions and allows you to stay on top of industry needs, issues and concerns.

Committee members example


Create an unlimited number of committees and invite members to participate with scheduled meetings appearing in their Member Portal. Upload committee specific resources including documents and multi-media for review and commenting by all committee members.

Committee members can upload a personal profile with photo, resume and personal description for presentation to website visitors or other members.

Schedule email notifications to alert committee members of upcoming meetings, new messages or when files are posted.

Media Requests for assocaitions

Media Requests

Media Requests provides a tool to help facilitate collaboration between yournalists, you and your members. There are three core business cases for the system:

  • Journalists looking for information or people to “quote” – their source
  • Members looking for journalists to write about them or use their quotes when preparing a publication
  • You looking for a journalist with a specific interest in your industry segment

The journalists could use information from you or your members as a “quoted source” in an article they are writing.

More Features

User Comments for NFP Software

User Comments

Users can provide community feedback using Comments to News Articles, Press Releases and Resources
Member Groups Association Software

Member Groups

Website Users can subscribe to Special Interest Groups indicating their interest in specific topics
Content Following for Associations

Content Following

Users can follow a News Article, Press Release, Resource or Q&A receiving notifications of new comments
Moderation capabilities


Add members to White, Grey or Black Lists and manage their ability to add public or member content without moderation
Event Attendees Lists for Associations

Event Attendees

For any chosen event you can display an attendees list of registered users to encourage participation
Member Community

Member Community

A secure member collaboration and knowledge sharing area to build community values and self service
Committee Users

Committee Users

Create Committee Member profiles with attached photos, public contact details and resumes for presentation on the website
Committee Emails

Committee Emails

Schedule email notifications to alert committee members of upcoming meetings, new messages or when files are posted
User Snapshot

User Snapshot

Automatically provide users with a complete view of any new or modified content that they should be interested in

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