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Education Management System

CPD/CPE Point Tracking

CPD/CPE Point Tracking

Our education management system allows you to capture Continuing Professional Development (or Continuing Professional Education) points automatically from multiple sources.

CPD points can be associated to an event, seminar, resource or training course and these points are calculated over a preset term which is usually annual or bi-annual.

Member CPD Diary

Member CPD Diary

Members can maintain a history of CPD points gained by recording entries into a CPD Diary in their Member Portal. Diary entries can capture the title of the learning event, a short description of the activity and an uploaded file to ensure certificates and receipts are maintained for record keeping purposes.

CPD Events purchased within Member Evolution will be automatically inserted into the diary without member intervention.

Learning Managment System (LMS)

Learning Management System

Deliver online educational courses and training programs through our integrated e-learning system. The LMS system enables documentation, tracking, reporting, assessments, payments, trainer communication and AVETMISS reporting.

The educational section on your website will present all courses including accredited, non-accredited and short courses.

Student management

Student Management

Educating your students has never been easier with the ability to manage student records, personal details, enrolments, payments and assessments.

Students have the ability to access a user portal (extension of the standard Member Evolution Member Portal), where they will have access to student specific content. Students will also be able to easily view their courses with the current status, assessment results, and all trainer communication/feedback.

Member Resources

Member Resources

Create and upload your resources making them available for free or at a fee to visitors, website users or members. Resources can include:

  • Documents - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF
  • Multimedia - flash, video and audio
  • Links - internal and external

Resources can be related to Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and group members will receive notifications in their Member Portal of new resources they may be interested in. Purchased resources are always available in the Member Portal for download or viewing. 

More Features

CPD Points Allocation and Management

CPD Points

Allocate a specific number of CPD points to an event, seminar or online learning course
CPD Points from Events, Seminars and Resources.

CPD Promotion

Use your website to promote training events, seminars and online resources to Members
CPD Point Tracking

CPD Tracking

Track the progression of members towards their annual or bi-annual CPD requirements
CPD Reporting

CPD Reporting

Create graphical or tabular reports of member acquisition of CPD points including those above and below the required thresholds
Video Streaming Library

Video Library

Create a library of video resources for secure hi-performance streaming to members via your website
Online Learning

Online Learning

Seamless LMS integration with access to over 500 accredited and non-accredited training resources
Training Resources


Upload resources and link them to Special Interest Groups for viewing or download by visitors, users or just members
Avetmiss Data Collection

Avetmiss Data

RTOs can collect Avetmiss Data during training course registration for VET courses
Training Courses

Training Courses

Sell face to face, online, group and correspondence training courses via your website

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