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Marketing & Communications Solutions

Dynamic List Generator and Creator

Dynamic List Generator

Communication with your members has never been easier. Using the inbuilt report generator within the CRM you can create dynamic lists of people within the database that meet the demographic, geographic or psychographic parameters you determine.

Then within minutes, by following a few simple steps, you can send out a personalised group broadcast email with content selected to meet the group's specific needs.

NFP Member Groups

Interest Groups (IG's)

IGs are created by you and allow website users and members to register their interest in a specific topic that usually relates to a region, business type, or industry issue.

Once members subscribe to a IG they are recommended related Content, News, Events, Questions and Answers, Media Requests and Resources that have been associated to the IG.

Members receive notification of new material relevant to their IGs in a snapshot providing fast and simple access to new or modified content.

Newsletter Marketing Solution for Membership Associations

eNewsletter Marketing

Member Evolution enables you to create powerful and effective email campaigns that build engagement with Website Users and Members to encourage further interaction and engagement. Users can create or modify existing eNewsletter templates quickly and easily.

Staff can now track message history, read rates, bounces and several other statistics through the reporting tool within the CRM to analyse the effectiveness of each campaign.

This creates additional ‘touch points’ with new and existing Members which is vital to your ongoing brand elevation. The use of eNewsletters for this purpose can be a very effective means of delivering specific targeted information. Read more on how to communicate effectively with your members.



Website User and Member lists can be created from the CRM (Static or Dynamic) and you can send information to the list which is deemed relevant to them based on the preferences set by the Member.

These can include emergency Newsletters that need to reach each member to advise of important information relevant to all Members. These lists do NOT require a subscription or Opt-in process but should a Member choose to not receive emails then they will not be sent the Newsflash.

Email Digest

Email Digests

There are two digest email processes within the system. The first being sent to individual Members highlighting content, events, training, resources and other information which meets their User preferences. The system automatically sends email digests to Members based on a schedule they choose (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Never).

The second digest is sent to the Member Administrator and Finance Representative. This digest highlights the overall usage of the system by all users associated to their membership including leads generated through the Member Directory. The aim of this digest is to build value for the key stakeholders of each Member and stimulate increased retention rates across your Member base.

More Features

Lead Conversion

Lead Conversion

Strategically places Call to Action (CTA) buttons to help convert visitors to customers and users
Newsletter Signup

Newsletter Signup

Integrated eNewsletter signup block built into the website allowing visitors to subscribe to email offerings
Auto Follow-Ups

Auto Follow-Ups

The ability to automate all follow-up tasks and actions depending on the stage of the campaign
Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics

Access integrated Google Analytics to report comprehensive website statistics and track online marketing campaigns
Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Manager

Enable partner websites to promote your products and services and link to your site to sign up or purchase
Onsite Advertising

Onsite Advertising

Sell advertising blocks on your website to create new streams of revenue for your organisation
Multi-channel Campaigns

Multi-channel Campaigns

Transform how you market and communicate with your members, partners, staff and executive
Bulk Email

Bulk Email

Manage high volume outbound email tracking delivery, opens, click through, bounced and converted
Scheduled Email

Scheduled Email

Members can schedule an email feed detailing all new content which meets their user preferences

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