Frequently Asked Questions

We certainly do and not only that, but we can offer discounts to members, product reviews, special offers and sale items not to mention full back-end management of stock, orders, transaction history and more. On the product display we can include the ability to add related products, product zoom and offer sizes and colours for certain products.

We offer a resource library that is member focused and fully searchable. In addition to the search feature we can also add categories, SIG’s etc as filters and even filter by document type. We add icons to every document so they can be easily identified. Some of the icons available include - Video, File, Presentation, Image, multiple files and link, to mention a few.

Here at Member Evolution we think about member engagement, member retention and member benefits all the time and it is reflected in our software. When a visitor comes to the website they are presented with teaser content and if they are not a member they are presented with a variety of ‘call to action’ messages to entice them to act and sign up or at least register for a free account which then gives you their email address etc so you can drip market to them. Messages presented can be personalised to suit your requirements and can be edited by you at any time.

‘Data in Data out’ is the saying and this would be one of the most frustrating issues faced by associations, as people fill in membership forms, event registrations and other important forms on the website and they miss out numbers or letters. We offer a solution to this time consuming issue as we provide ‘data field validation’ across any fields of data such as telephone numbers, email addresses, postcodes etc, to ensure the data entered is as correct as it can be. This in turn results in improved data collection processes and reduced administration time.

The Member Evolution solution includes a ‘job listing’ feature that you can offer to members which allows them to add their own listings and you can charge for these if desired. It then presents a list of vacancies which provide the ability to apply online and upload a resume, cover letter and any other information required to apply for that position. In addition to the above you can also allow non members to post positions wanted.

The member directory within Member Evolution is the most advanced and feature-rich directory currently available, and can be used as a member to member directory or promoted directly to the public or industry.

Members can create and edit their own directory listing and it provides them with a whole page of content that they can create including all the normal business details, Google map locator, click to view technology to record visitor numbers and clicks and the ability to add as many custom fields as required. Just some of the fields that may be required in the directory listing are accreditations or experience, insurance information, categories covered, social media links and so many more.

The directory is searchable and filters can be added to provide more filtered results and even a radial search. The solution can also be optimised for the search engines which in turn offers a massive benefit to your members as they will receive more traffic to their listing over time.

Yes, we call this ‘group’ or ‘bulk’ SMS and it allows you to select a group of people or members and send a specific message to them such as a reminder of an upcoming event, a thank you or even a promotion of some type. In addition to this we can also offer the ability for a reply to be submitted. This feature is not standard, addtional costs apply for installation and a cost per SMS is charged based on the amount of credits that are pre-purchased.

Member Evolution offers the broadest range of Membership Plans available and the flexibility to easily tailor new plans to meet your specific needs. Plans can be offered as a Prorate or Annualised fee and include business, sponsor, associate, life, fellow, student, graduate, affiliate and many more and all of these can offer different permission levels for access rights.

Yes, we can set up ‘grace’ periods in the system that send out emails to members at various stages as defined by you after the normal membership has expired. You may also wish to switch off their directory listing but still allow them to access their member portal and this can be offered if required.

Many organisations have a requirement for verification or to check accreditations, CPD etc prior to approval. Member Evolution can be configured to flag new member requests and allow them to upload documentation that can be viewed and approved by administration in the back-end and, if approved, the member is notified and granted access to their member portal.

Member Evolution provides a seamless ‘end to end’ transactional process that can cater for paying on invoice, BPay, credit card and PayPal and all of these are included as standard features of Member Evolution. In addition to full online payments, all transactions can be viewed by each member via their member dashboard; this includes the ability to view and print off any invoices at anytime.

Yes, we offer a wide variety of options including reviews, ability to follow articles and stories, post a question to a selected audience, and of course, the ability to post your own comments on all articles published. We also allow you to respond directly to another member if you wish.

No and we never will. We believe in assisting you to grow your membership not restrict your growth.