Management of KPIs to Drive Success

Management of KPIs for any organisation is a challenge but its especially difficult for membership based organisations.
We all know that in order to achieve our goals we need to have a much better handle on just what our KPIs should be and how to track them.

How to Make a Decision when choosing SaaS software?

The way we use, buy and even think about software has changed. Take a look back 10 years ago when choosing software for your business or organisation was a very big decision. There were many factors that needed to be considered such as; the software package, where the servers would be and what servers, the type of operating system to be used as well as storage, security and network needs just to name a few.

Security in the Cloud - Is your Association website in danger of being hacked?

As an IT professional I always like to have a look at what the experts predict will be the top technology trends for the 2016 year ahead.

Password Policy 101: Top Tips on Remembering your Password & How to Secure a Safe one

All of our passwords protect a lot of information both on a personal and professional level, and if they are compromised there could be many repercussions. We are changing the password policy from the old-school style of changing them frequently to something more modern and secure. Many of the old ideas of storing passwords and creating passwords are not relevant in today’s age when we have so many passwords for so many different services, so remembering them can be quite an issue.

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Can you accurately measure Member Engagement?
Do not worry - nobody can. But today’s leading integrated membership management solutions can capture and report on hundreds of attributes about members and their interactions with your association.
Our goal is to help our clients better understand positive and negative indicators of member engagement – and plan to take appropriate strategic and tactical actions based on the Survey information collected.

Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry New Membership Website Launched

The Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry represents over 300,000 businesses and needed a member management system to handle their vast range of services. ACCI received a TV portfolio and a comprehensive content management system to allow greater control and management over their website content. ACCI is Member Evolution’s first responsive association membership website designed for tablets and smartphones, to cater for their evolving customer needs.    

New Features Added to the ME eCommerce Member Management System

The technical development team have been working hard to create new modules for the eCommerce Member Evolution Association Membership Management Software. The new modules have been on the Technology Roadmap as these features have been requested by clients to fulfil their business requirements.

Another Feature Rich Membership Management Website Launched

The Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) is the peak specialist body for orthodontists and orthodontic knowledge Australia wide. Registered orthodontists across Australia are almost all members of the ASO.
Why ASO Selected the ME Membership Website Solution
ASO required a feature rich membership solution to enhance their day to day activities.

Solving the Problem of Information Overload through Delivery of Personalised Content for Associations

There is so much content available on the web today that it is difficult to receive the information important to us without having to troll through realms of content that may have no bearing on what is important to us. It’s bad enough receiving 50+ irrelevant emails per day let alone having to go through multiple web pages to find what we want.
This problem is all too real for members of associations wanting to find and receive information pertinent to their needs and circumstances.

What eLearning Software will Enhance my Associations Efforts?

A learning management system (LMS) is defined as a software application for the documentation, administration, reporting and tracking of training programs whether they be online, e-learning or face to face.

The right eLearning platform will help you better reach your goals whether they are focused on enhancing eLearning, continuing education, mobile learning or certification programs. The correct LSM for your association will be designed with the features to enable you to meet your unique learning goals, resulting in a positive ROI.