Top Company Achievements for 2015

Catherine Lever - Member Evolution

Aspedia and Member Evolution have had a busy year, and the management and staff of Aspedia would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our valued clients and partners for all of their continued support during 2015, and wish you and your staff a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

We have gathered a few highlights that have been achieved this year, and we can’t wait for 2016 to achieve even greater accomplishments for our clients and our product development.

We are committed to supporting and helping member based associations reach their goals with leading class technology and innovative solutions. 


  • Launched several new Association Clients with the ME CRM membership management software such as: Institute of Management Consultants, Facility Management Association of Australia, Jobs Australia, The Association of Financial Advisers, Your Best Interests, AGCSA, The Australian Chamber of Commerce and APICS-AU.
  • Successful Gamification Webinar with over 40 participants.
  • ME was selected to enter the 2015 Telstra Australian Business Awards and we became a Finalist.
  • Received 466 views, 30 likes and 6 comments on a LinkedIn Article Post titled, '5 Strategies for Association to Build Member Engagement in 2015'.
  • Upgraded internal accounts system from Reckon to QuickBooks Online.
  • Initiated use of Wrike Project - for improved management over ME projects.


  • Expanded to the UK with our first ME UK client.
  • Built & implemented numerous new features and modules to the ME solution: (TV portfolio, dynamic speakers corner, online magazines, conference management system) - just to name a few!
  • ME ‘Help’ website was launched improving customer service. With over 500+ pages in the knowledge base area and 100+ in the Support area.
  • Launched our first of many membership management responsive website – ACCI.

Client Infrastructure & Performance

  • Performance Upgrade Project: 30 New servers have been added to the Aspedia Cloud increasing capacity by 100% to 60 servers now in production. Will have the capacity to deploy another 50 servers over coming months to have a total of 110 servers. This will provide a 300% increase to support future growth during 2016 and beyond. Have spent over 300k on hardware and equipment to show our commitment to improve infrastructure and performance.

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