Membership Management Software Solution Expands to the UK

Mike Whitehouse - ME CEO

Member Evolution has begun collaborating with The International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades (IFEAT) based in London. IFEAT embraces the interests of global flavour and fragrances industries across the globe. This sector employs millions of people ranging from small businesses to large organisations, involved in essential oils production, aroma chemical manufacture, flavours and fragrance compounding, trading and consumer product manufacturing.

IFEAT believes in the advancement and protection of the interest of their members in all parts of the world made possible through collaboration, encouraging good practice, dissemination of information and provision of forums. IFEAT hosts their next annual conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

IFEAT engaged Member Evolution’s association and membership management software after comparing various NFP member management software vendors. The key criteria they required for their member organisation was to implement new subscriptions and event management as well as evaluating the following features and functionality:

  • Membership features
  • Event Management capability
  • Website capability / integration with Wordpress
  • Ability to integrate with / API Access
  • Possibility to integrate with Google Apps
  • Payments online capability
  • CRM capability with email history
  • Vendor technical support / team
  • Vendor country / presence in the UK
  • Price / any hidden costs
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Vendor website accuracySoftware graphic design and ease of use (Web¬based, cloud, technologies (HTML5)...)
  • Mobile friendly
  • Backups

Member Evolution’s membership management solution incorporates a rich set of features and addressed all of IFEAT’s requirements. ME is now currently looking at opening an office in the UK to increase our presence and service level there. ME also integrates with XERO or QBE accounting software and allows for a number of payment gateways such as Secure Pay and Braintree for online payments. Our in house design and development team create a graphic and user friendly website that is mobile friendly utilising responsive framework.