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Paypal Community makes the Switch to using Drupal

The Drupal open source community continues to grow, having success among larger developer communities with x.commerce joining Twitter. The move came last month with a new division of PayPal that now serves as an open and central meeting point for over 700,000 developers for the likes of eBay, PayPal, Magento and others.

X.commerce now relies on Drupal-run sites for product information and coding tips and allows the flow of idea exchanges. Through making the switch to an open source community it enables developers to work around its documentation and communities.

New WYSIWYG Feature Update for Member Management Solutions

Associations need more than ever to have content management systems (CMS), which is the ability manage content on their membership websites. This allows staff to edit home page banners with the latest conference or association news, edit resources, special interest groups (SIGs) and literally anything on the website where you can see content.

Three Words that will see your Association Benefit from CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has come a long way in terms of consumers now being more familiar with the concept. The fact is that many organisations know what a CRM is, however, most associations are still not using the system very well, and there are a few reasons for this. Xero conducted research on 600 clients currently using a variety of CRM applications, and found that only 20% are using them correctly. You may be asking what the correct outcome is.

Drivers Enabling Organisational Change

One of the major challenges associations face is organisational change and knowing how to manage staff efficiently during a major transition. Enabling “forgotten” staff to be leaders is one of the steps that allows leadership from the back office.

Leadership is all about maximising the efforts of others towards a common goal, which is where the idea of encouraging leadership from the back office was established.

Why you need back office contribution

The Disruption of Digital Education

Traditionally, knowledge was only accessible to a privileged few and it was valued, protected, guarded and used only in controlled environments. Now with the development of the internet and mobile networks ‘Connect Communications’ emerged and has arguably disrupted the market for knowledge more harshly than other industries. The disruption continues and the potential effects on the institutionalised education have not yet been realised. 

Trends of current digital disruption within the education sector