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Event and conference registration and management
I now enter seating capacity, times and deadline and the CRM does the rest!

Event Management Software

Benefits For your Organisation 

The event management system allows staff to increase event revenues by ensuring that only members can buy 'member tickets'. It provides all other users with the non-member price for the event whilst encouraging membership with the cheaper prices for events. During checkout the member will be presented with related products and resources for purchase.

Multi-Price Points
Benefits For your Members 

The multi-price point system for events provides value to members who receive a discount using their membership. It also benefits non-members by allowing them to attend an event without membership.

Benefits For your Organisation 

This system allows event staff to set seating limits, registration and closing dates on events to avoid overselling or last minute purchasing that could hinder planning. It also reduces staff workload by automatically sending out eTickets to purchasers and creating an attendee list. 

Online Ticket Purchasing & Event Management
Benefits For your Members 

The member benefits by being able to process their payment quickly and easily online with access to resources related to the event. Members will also receive an electronic copy of their receipt via email or can view the receipt within the My Member Portal.

Benefits For your Organisation 

This gives staff the ability to post event resources online to be accessed by ticket purchasers. Staff can then post pictures, notes, presentations or videos from the event online with accessed restricted to those who attended.

Event Resources
Benefits For your Members 

This allows the members to access all resources leading up to an event including printable directions. Members can then request access to the post event online section to view any resources that have been uploaded by the staff.

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