Event Resources

Do you have information to give attendees post event but don’t know how to deliver it?

The membership software allows staff members to post event resources online to be available by the ticket purchasers. The great feature of event resources is that staff can post anything from pictures, notes, videos and presentations from the event and post them online to the relevant attendees. The group also allows attendees to ask any question or to post any information they gained.

Members are given a range of resources to aid them in the event process. Members are able to print out directions, view who else within the industry is attending and more. They are also able to gain access to view any pre event information available which staff members have provided through uploading to the event, sometimes this can be an event scheduled and the list of guest speakers attending the event.   

Once an event has finished staff are relieved and members are satisfied with new and insightful information along with new connections made. The event may be forgotten once the day has come and gone, but now with the latest Member Evolution association and membership management software staff can now share relevant information with attendees.    

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