Member Evolutions Association Management Software Now Integrates with Xero Accounting

lynne Newbury- Business Services Manager at Member Evolution

Keeping on top of your entire associations financials and accounts can be an extremely time consuming and a frustrating process, especially if you are using a manual or other add-on accounting software. If your current software only ‘speaks’ to one or just a couple of your other products and not your entire system then it may be time for you to rethink how you can make your job easier, while making your association run more efficiently and productively. 


Xero is a powerful global online accounting system, used and trusted by over 300,000 customers from all over the world. Xero is the emerging leader in online accounting software that is providing business owners and organisations real-time visibility of their financial position which is smart, simple and secure. 

One of the great features of Xero is that it is SaaS (software as a service) software that is accessible directly from the internet cloud through a standard web browser. Xero being built for use on the cloud means that they had the freedom to design the dream accounting solution for businesses small and large. 

How does Member Evolution integration with Xero work?

The way Member Evolution Association Management Software integrates with Xero is by placing GL codes and tracking numbers on products then pushing through the relevant completed or pending transactions to Xero for financial reporting.  Having the details of each customer in Member Evolution means that you don't need to double up or recreate details. If your member updates their own data in one place it is updated everywhere, no more updating of emails addresses in the newsletter system, or finance person in your accounting package.

As membership is an automated process for Member Evolution, the software will raise membership reminders, invoices and payment reminders on the appropriate dates as per your existing schedule.  As well as if members purchase an event ticket online, the invoice will be raised and recorded against the appropriate GL code. You also have the ability to raise miscellaneous invoices while members are able to reprint or email their own invoices through their member portal.

Member Evolution handles your debtor management, and you will use Xero for standard accounting practice of creditors, payroll and reports such as P&L, cash flow or balance sheets. These reporting capabilities allow CEO, committee members and staff to easily see a 360 degree view of your association all in real time.

What is Your First Step?

Rather than update all your systems in one go - phase your improvements over time. Choose to move your accounts to Xero and get used to that online package first. Alternatively, move your membership, newsletter and operations system to Member Evolution and use CSV reports to upload into your existing accounting package. Then you can integrate Xero at a later date when you are familiar with your day to day operations. It's best to determine where you will get your best time efficiency savings initially.

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