Marketing - Member Acquisition

Trying to Increase Your Association Member Numbers?

Member acquisition and growth of your Association database is a year round task that involves a lot of work. The Member Evolution expert marketing team have years of knowledge to take the stress out of this. Being able to target new members that don’t know they need to be a part of your association can be tricky but with content marketing it is a real possibility.

Increase Your Marketing Strategies, Build PR and Gain Brand Recognition

By interacting online on a regular basis you can achieve some great PR results which help to build your brand. By gaining greater brand recognition you can turn apathy into action and convert potential members to want to sign up. You can also position yourself well as the industry experts which also assists in member conversion as well as member retention.
By interviewing Existing and Past Members you can discover what they believe the true value proposition of being a member is and where your downfalls are as well. You can then use these positives in your marketing campaigns to attract your market audience, whilst using the negatives to assist in improving your internal business processes for better outcomes, as well as to direct your future marketing and PR strategies.
You can encourage membership by attracting support for the lobbying and advocacy activities of the Association.

Achieve a Higher Member Acquisition Rate

Member Evolution can deploy the following campaign elements to achieve increased Member Acquisition Rates: 
Note:  If these packages do not suit your needs, marketing services can be billed on an "as used" hourly basis.

Find Out How To Increase Your Member Acquisition Rate

Member Evolution understands the Association marketplace and has a proven success rate with marketing for Associations. We would be happy to assist you in increasing your members as well as ensuring that you retain the members that you currently have.

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