Marketing Campaign Elements

Below are the elements that make up our marketing campaigns and are shared between the different strategies we deploy:

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites and ensuring website content attracts attention to encourage readers to share it across their social networks.
Social strategies can be created for singular or across multi channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.  By creating captivating posts and stories by individuals we can elevate different people to become industry leaders on their chosen topics.
Part of our strategies include branding your social pages and ensuring your messages reflect the message of your association
  • Create Company Profile
  • Join/Create Groups for existing profiles
  • Invite New Contacts to Link
  • Sharing Blogs and Important Information
  • Create Company Profile and other tabs
  • Upload Photos and Create Posts
  • Build audience and Community Interaction
  • Create Company Profile
  • Encourage new Followers
  • Tweet Important and relevant information to promote website items
  • Create Company Channel
  • Upload New Videos
  • Attract Followers
Google +
  • Create Google My Business Profile
  • Post relevant information to drawer users back to your website
  • Attract Followers
The main objective of an effective content strategy is to meet users’ expectations, create user journeys and fulfil business goals. We start by developing a keyword strategy around what users will be searching for online, confirming what type of content is required and how it will be consumed.  
The content is then written to engage and prompt users into action based on what they’ve read.  It can include content pages, news stories, blogs or white papers for downloading.
Blogs are a different type of content to standard web pages in that they are shorter, more informal, usually topical and added to your site frequently. They encourage members and non-members to revisit your site more often and possibly to comment.
By including calls to action and links to other parts of your site we can enhance the user journey required to meet the content strategy.
Adwords Retargeting is an advertising tool that re-targets both members and non members who have visited your website. After the member or non member leaves your website, they are tagged with a special code that allows us to display picture and animated ads to these users when they are browsing the web. 
  • Remarketing can allow you to do the following:
  • Promote upcoming events
  • Promote advocacy - forums, committees to join, conferences
  • Member Acquisition - target the users who have visited your site and not signed up by displaying adverts with benefits they are missing out on by not signing up
Newsletter marketing can either be very broad for topics such as a conference or segmented and very targeted either by topic, geographic, demographic or job position.  We aim for better engagement and open rates by making the content more relevant with catchy subject lines.
Newsletter marketing can be a once off and specific, or be developed to drive members through a certain program.
As well as handling the template, we can also develop the content,  filter your lists and send the newsletters.
Being able to report on your association isn’t just limited to financial and business reports it is also vital to report on activities such as retention, acquisition, engagement, advocacy, on-going projects and more.
We have developed the following reports using expert tools and knowledge:
Social Listening/Reputation Management
Social listening is a relatively new concept that involves monitoring, processing and identifying what and who is mentioning your association online. With individuals and business utilising social media and online blogs there is now a massive amount of unstructured data ready to use, for example:
  • Search for keywords or phrases that have been mentioned
  • Monitor for times and days people mention you association
  • Find out how people are interacting with each other whilst discussing your association
User Journey Reporting
Knowing that someone has visited your website is only the beginning being able to track where that person goes once they are on it is an important step. There are several elements to this type of reporting that include:
  • Behaviour flow of how people entered, interacted and left your website
  • Finding out the highest exit pages to see how that page can be improved to allow the user to interact better with it
  • Internal searches can be reported on to find out what people are searching for within your website that is missing from the content
Website Analytics
Website analytics involves pulling statistics from your website into easy to read reports that allows us to better lay out your website both aesthetically and technically and includes:
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Technology analysis - what devices, networks and browsers users use to access your website
  • Mobile User Journeys
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Conversion tracking to see the journey a user took to make a conversion
  • Analysing the highest pages people are bouncing from
Website Rankings Tracking
We can track how your website ranks for key phrases and words that a potential member may search for when looking for your association and includes:
  • Phrase Rankings
  • Keyword Rankings
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis