Customer Service Guarantees for Association and Not-for-Profit Organisations

Here at Member Evolution we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and support possible to all of our clients. There is nothing worse for a client than feeling their queries are not being heard or addressed. Adequate support teams need to be in place to both help and support the needs of clients and their members.

The Member Evolution’s cutting edge Association Management solution comes with a range of standard policy agreements to ensure our clients’ needs never get overlooked.

Standard Guarantees

Some of the customer service features that come as standard with the Member Evolution Member Management Solution include:

  • Service Level Plans
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Maintenance and support
  • New Feature upgrades monthly
  • 100% SaaS Cloud/Solution
  • Technology Roadmap

Through providing our clients with a service level plan we are able to guarantee response times for all client queries. The lifetime warranty on the product means that for as long as you’re our client you are covered for the entire lifetime of the product.

Ever Evolving Technology Roadmap

The Member Evolution Member Management Solution is at the forefront of technology, constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing association industry environment. The technology roadmap allows Member Evolution to put visions and goals in place so we are able to deliver the products and services that meet consumer’s needs.

New features and modules are built and implemented into the Member Evolution CRM Member Management Solution on a monthly basis. These new features not only benefit our new clients but we also keep our existing customers happy by rolling the new updates across all of our live sites.

New Feature Implementation Process

With new features being rolled out monthly it is vital to keep clients informed and trained in these new developments. Having an implementation process in place for the delivery of new features is vital and having a training manual available allows the application to be smooth and stress-free for all involved.

We listen to our clients and if there is a new report or way they would like an event to work, our development and support team have the resources to implement these tasks immediately in a stress-free manner.

If you would like to know more about our world class technology and association and membership management software, request a demo or talk to our friendly sales team today.