Benefits of Cloud Computing for Membership Organisations

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing allows users to access information on the Internet from any device including computers, mobile phones and tablets. The cloud has a large capacity where anyone is able to store data for free or a small fee on the host's servers.

The reason why people and businesses are turning to the cloud is that people can use the latest technology freely without investing the time and money into creating new in-house infrastructure or software. Money and resources are saved, including not having to pay for training or specialised workers.

Cloud computing also minimises the risk of losing vital information by having the backup of out-of-office servers, leaving the worry of computer crashes and viruses. The flexibility that comes with cloud computing changes the way we use and buy technology.

Cloud Security

The positives far outweigh the negatives when it comes to cloud security. However, there are always risks and precautions that need to be considered for any organisation operating on the cloud. Organisations are regularly uploading and downloading content over the Internet and can be likely of a breach occurring. To minimise the risk, information should always be secured using industry protocols.

Benefits for Members

The benefits for members using cloud software are the endless amounts of flexibility as well as multiple communication networks. If an organisation had 2000 members the cloud would give the capability for all 2000 members to communicate together on the one software at any time. This connection with members is a huge advantage as time and costs are cut; there are no large phone bills or postage fees. Members don't need to waste time waiting for a document to arrive in the post, an email to be received or to return a phone call. This can all be done on the cloud maximising members productivity and minimising costs.

The great part about the cloud is that members can be anywhere anytime, from sitting at home, on holiday or at a work desk. Members are connected to the same information that is readily available on the cloud. There are no restrictions and limited downtime on the cloud giving users the ability to be connected 24/7. The flexibility and freedom cloud computing offers to members is like no other computing system and the members reap all the benefits.

Benefits for the Organisation

The organisation oversees the cloud computing network and somewhat holds the greatest power and benefits for both the members and organisation. The organisation is able to oversee what members are signing up to, any conferences and events they may be attending and training and education events or seminars. With the organisation being able to view this, it gives them an advantage, as they are able to track and monitor what their members are attending. This membership knowledge aids the organisation with producing the correct resources for their members.

The benefit for the organisation's internal membership knowledge, is that they can send any extra relevant information to members that might interest them, similar to their already established profile. In turn it's a win-win situation as the organisation is passing on helpful information and knowledge to their members, keeping them happy and up-to-date with the latest resources available.