Advantages of Bulk SMS Automated Reminders for Associations

Users are getting increasingly more involved with their smart phones which are now helping organise people’s day to day lives. The change has taken place from using the more traditional diary pen and paper method to storing information and meetings on the smart phone which you always have with you, so the transition makes sense. The growth of smart phones has caused a new focus on mobile marketing where users receive information via a text message.

How SMS works for Associations

The advantage of sending bulk automated SMS reminders from an association’s perspective is simple. Associations have the choice of how they want to use it for the most beneficial outcome for their members. Members on the other hand also have the choice and freedom of how they wish to receive notifications about an event or meeting from when they sign up or register.

When filling in information and purchasing an event ticket all members need to do is choose a communication preference. This is where members have the ability to choose their preferred communication method either via email, SMS, none or other. Once the member has chosen their ideal communication method the association then decides when they would like to send the sms reminder to members prior to the event. The choices can be anything from 12, 24 or 48 hours prior to the event commencing, and once staff have chosen the Member Evolution member management software will automatically send the reminders out.

Association Management Software Flexibility

The great part about the association management software is the flexibility that has been built in around the framework. The bulk SMS reminder is specifically tailored around your association’s needs, and the great part about it is that you don’t need to waste time gathering a list of all your members’ phone numbers. Your members simply choose the communication method in which they would prefer to receive reminders and updates and the software does the rest. Members are also able to update their communication preferences from their member portal at any time.

The SMS capability is a new feature that has been added onto the complete online membership software provided by Member Evolution. Our development team is on the ball constantly implementing innovative management solutions that will in turn benefit your association and members.