The Academy of Science & Australian Shareholders Association Implement a new Member Management System

Member Evolution has deployed an association membership management software solution to both Academy of Science and Australian Shareholders Association (ASA). Each organisation wanted to improve their member retention, membership value, reporting systems, streamline overall efficiencies and refresh the visual design page layouts and general site navigation.

By implementing an online membership solution an organisation benefits from a verity of outcomes:

  1. Overall brand awareness is improved for the association
  2. Website conversion rates increase
  3. Improved customer engagement driving new and repeat business
  4. Repetitive invoicing is made automated improving efficiencies
  5. Add value by driving increased traffic to member directories  
  6. Additional advertising sections within the site increase revenue steams
  7. And many more!

About Academy of Science

The Academy of Science champions Australian scientific excellence, promotes and disseminates scientific knowledge through providing independent scientific advice for the benefit of Australia and the world.

It was essential for Academy of Science to have a robust platform to support their large scale operations. The Member Evolution member management system was a clear choice providing these capabilities. The CRM system excels in meeting the daily needs of the Academy and employed unique features and modules to do so. An Advances events system was implemented along with specialised pages and list views, unique membership system and a multi-level industry awards structure.

About The Australian Shareholders Association

The Australian Shareholders Association (ASA) is the representation body for independent free thinking investors. For people who wish to progress their investment knowledge. ASA is the largest independent not-for-profit shareholder association dedicated to improving standards and corporate governance.

ASA required a cutting edge system that would provide the capabilities required to monitor, educate and grow the Australian Shareholders Association. The Member Evolution solution fitted the unique criteria. Using advanced technology and forward thinking at Member Evolution a unique business process model for ASA’s company monitoring was developed. QR codes were also implemented to enhance the ASA event management system efficiencies.   

Enquire today and improve your associations business processes, member retention and much more!