Support Requests

Forgot the last time you managed a support request from your members?

Associations sometimes forgot about their members and any queries they have are sometimes never addressed. Attending to your members needs is critical in building the relationship between them and your Association. Associations are there to help your members and any support requests received from one member could be affecting multiple. The online membership management tool provided by Member Evolution provides a range of useful features to aid the staff in creating an effective customer service tunnel.

The membership software enables staff to communicate with members in a professional manner. When a support request is received the association software is then programed to automatically send the request through to staff. The staff members are then able to view the ticket, and any progress made throughout the process will be sent directly back to the member along with any other notes that may be attached.

The association software is designed to keep both the members and staff happy with any support request that may arise. As a result members receive great customer service creating an open flow communication channel. This type of communication helps build long lasting relationships between members and the association as queries can be handled correctly.   

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