Personalisation of Content

Are your members engaged with the content you send out?

If you are wondering why your member engagement is low when you are sending newsletters out it may be due to the lack of personalisation in the content. Making the content thats goes out to your members personal can have a staggering effect. The member association software offered by Member Evolution allows personalised content to be delivered effectively maximising open rates.

Personalised content is more valuable to members as the information is specific to each member. The positives aspects of tailoring content to members is that it increases engagement with the content adding to the Associations value proposition. The content can be personalised according to members interests and motivations. If you have a continual professional development (CPD) event you could send a newsletter to the members who have subscribed to the CPD event SIG and that content will be personalised to those members.    

To get the maximum effect from your content you need to personalise it due the large amount of information members receive on a day to day basis, members want to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. To aid your members in finding the content they are after you need to deliver the right content that will engage them.

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