Online Payments/Signup Process

Does your website have the ability for members to sign up and take payments online?

The layout and process for member sign ups is sometimes confusing and hard to find for members. The layout and user journey to your membership sign up page needs to be simple and easy to navigate around. Our complete online membership software enables a streamlined member sign up process as well as allowing online payments to be received.

The Member Evolution association software comes with specially customised multi display membership options. Members are able to choose between each option that specifically suits their needs whether they are a student, individual, associate or corporate member just to name a few of different membership options. Members are then able to choose their membership based on either pro-rate or annual depending on your unique business process.

Having a clear and well laid out membership options page enables members to identify their membership type quickly and easily. Membership benefits is another good way for members to identify which membership option suites their needs. The membership types are based about business and individual needs along with usage, finance and habits. Once a member has purchased a membership and staff have approved it they are then given access to their personal member portal and a wide range of other member features.  

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