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Spending too much time updating Member Details?

Constantly updating your members details is a tiresome task and with a large number of members this can be never ending. As members need to constantly have their latest details on record including personal and business. Emails, locations, phone numbers and business logos are just a few of the details that need to be kept as current as possible. The Member Evolution complete online membership software allows staff to focus on the more pressing issues of an Association.

The association management software allows your members to manage their own details all within their member portal. Members have the ability to edit their details, reset a password and view all of their order history. Our member portal also offers a range of additional features that enables users to carry out day to day activities hassle free. Having this function available to members 24/7 has major benefits for your staff as time is saved and they can focus their time and effort on the more important processes of the organisation.

The member managed portal increases your customer service to your members as they don’t have to wait for their details to be updated manually by staff. The portal is also a great tool for members to interact with other members as it acts as a centralised hub where they can communicate and gain valuable association insight. The portal also enables members to view any personalized content recommendations along with create support tickets.

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