Media Request

Time to increase your brand awareness with external media sources?

Associations need to be continually looking down new avenues in order to keep their brand awareness within the industry. Having relations with media companies is a good way to increase brand recognition of an Association. The Member Evolution association software allows this interactions to occur, along with helping the industry to deliver messages and media to the market.

The purpose of media requests is to build good connections with journalists, so they can work with you in getting your association out there and heard. Media requests target a larger audience and you are therefore more likely to gain new members as well as retaining old ones. Your message reaches people that it wouldn't usually creating increased word of mouth as well as brand awareness.

People want to be apart of groups and industries and getting your Association exposed will increase interest for those people who are in your industry. Members also gain free public relations contacts through your association being involved with these media requests. New business contacts are made for your members, creating positive PR increasing brand equity throughout their business.

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