Growth Strategies for your Association or Not-For-Profit: Part 3

There are a wide range of different approaches and strategies that can be used to grow your association or Not-For-Profit organisation. Your main focus is attracting and retaining new and existing members as they are your prime sources of income.

It is important to utilise all of your resources and pursue every avenue available for the growth, benefit and knowledge of your association.

Effective Lobbying

A great way to get your cause across is by championing your organisation's purpose through lobbying campaigns, where you are often able to attract new and existing members. Engage journalists to gain free publicity around your lobbying efforts, which will impress upon interested readers that your organisation is making a difference through the combined voice of your members.

People want to make a difference and are proud to be part of an active group.

Appoint your Champions

Utilise your resources and engage volunteer members who have an interest in specific programs you are running. Get them personally involved and working with you as an industry representative and part of your extended team.

Often these champions are better than having a specific appointee to the board of directors, as they can channel their efforts on your strategic projects and initiatives.

Sell your Services

There is no point sitting back and waiting for members to contact you - too many NFPs and associations do this. While word of mouth leads are vital and usually the easiest sale, you must set membership sales targets every year and actively prospect for new sales.

This does not have to be as ruthless as it sounds - use social media and education-based selling and encourage members to invite friends and colleagues to events. Another option is to run referral strategies providing discounts or special recognition to members who provide the most leads.

The key is to be active, don't just wait for the phone to ring. Remember to promote sales opportunities as this way you are able to promote your services.

Growth stratergies