eNewsletter Marketing

How can I track open rates, bounces and content that has been read?

It can be difficult determining which content your members are actually interested in or what sections they are reading. Associations need to be aware of their members interactions with their newsletters so they can better tailor the following newsletter to suit the exact needs of their members. The membership system offered by Member Evolution allows staff to easily identify target groups and send newsletters hassle free.

The online membership software aids staff in sending newsletters to promote any upcoming events, meetings or any other activities that may be occurring within your industry. Staff are then able to monitor the open rates of the newsletter, bounce rates and the content that has been read within the newsletter. This is a great way to see which content is of most interest to members and how many were actually opened. There are ways to increase your open rates and this information can be read in targeted communications.(link)

There are also benefits for you members as they are able to subscribe to different mailing lists that are of interest to them. Member have the ability to choose their preferences regarding which newsletter they will be receiving according to the frequency and content of the newsletter. This purpose of this is that is gives members the freedom to pick and choose along with creating a stress free experience.  

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