Employ a Membership Website Today and Reap the Benefits

Lynne Newbury - Online Marketing Manager

Members and web users know when they are on a good website and the solution is easy. If users and members can easily navigate around your website finding the information they are looking for quickly, then you are on the right track. But how do you know if your members are having a positive user experience on your website? The answer is simple: if your association is getting regular website user interaction with SIGs, Q&As, news articles, new membership sign-ups and event attendance your membership website is having the desired outcome.

If your association's website isn't performing as you may have liked, it might be time for a new membership website approach.

Six Solutions in One

Having an integrated membership website allows staff to easily keep track of day to day accounts with the website, ecommerce, member portal, member database, CRM and financials all using the one set of data. There is no doubling up of information or members' details as everything you need is stored only once in the customer relationship management (CRM) membership system.

The beauty of having an integrated ecommerce system is when a member pays for an event or if their payment is pending you are able to quickly and easily generate a report that has the exact details all in real time. The report shows staff what payments have been approved or are pending with a full list of the attendees' names, along with any other information you may have gathered during the event sign-up.

Member Retention

Are your members your most important assets? Well they definitely should be and you need to keep them engaged as well as happy so they keep their memberships up to date and recurring. Having fresh and new content up on your website weekly is important. Uploading new news stories, events, resources and more should be an easy task for staff with content management systems (CMS). Members want to see new news or resources they need to check up on every time they login to their member portal and these can be highlighted like a new email.

Keep your communications personalised and targeted as this will improve your retention rates, engagement and even open rates of newsletters and emails.

These are just a few of the association management benefits. View a full list of membership website features.