CPD/CPE Point Tracking

Sick of manually tracking and updating member CPD/CPE profiles?

Staying up to date with your members continuing professional development (CDP) and continuing professional education (CPE) manual allocation of points is a time consuming and resource intensive endeavor. You need your staff to put their time and effort into the more important tasks. The Member Evolution cpd software allows seamless integration of all your members CPD and CPD points. When members sign up for a CPD event they first need to get their name ticked off as attending and only after attending will their CPD points be allocated automatically.   

The cpd software allows CPD points to be automatically tracked and assigned for attending events, seminars, training course and any subscription purchases that may be made by a member. Informal points and formal points can also be allocated depending on the type of event.

The automatic allocation of CDP points has major benefits for members, as they are able to easily manage and track any points they have earnt to the exact date or still require. A CPD diary is allocated for each member and can be found in their personal member portal. Here they can look up their CPD points at any time and be able to analyse how they are going in terms of their professional development. Member can also print their diary and export for tax purposes.

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