Content Management System (CMS)

Is your website outdated with old content and news?

Every association needs fresh information on a weekly and even daily basis. Members want to go to your website to see the latest news, events and information available to them, which is why they become a member in the first place. The Member Evolution member membership solution incorporates Drupal's content management system (CMS) which allows staff to easily edit, remove or add new content easily.

With the CMS embedded in your website membership solution it permits more flexibility with the content and what you are able to do yourself. CMS is the most effective tool for undertaking the latest updates, as you don’t need to waste time and money employing a designer or IT specialist to refresh your content. Your staff and association take control and update pages as you go. The great feature about CMS is that you can update content as frequently as you need as well as calls to actions and headings.

There are huge benefits for your members as well with the CMS. As they are receiving the most up to date information on your website, keeping them happy and readily informed. It gives members a point in coming back to the website as they will know there will always be new content and information waiting for them when they login to their member portal. CMS also enables increased communication and engagement with Q&As and more.   

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