Contact Management

Lacking space and contact information for your members?

Running out of space to store all of your member contact information can be a nightmare or simply not being able to keep track of member information is another major problem for Associations. Member Evolution now employs an association management solution that runs on the cloud, reducing your running costs. The member database software allows staff to store and keep track of member contact information on the cloud while having 24/7 access.

The membership management solution based on the cloud enables staff access to a full range of member contact information which enables staff to then communicate to members with accuracy having the ability to deliver a more personalised message.

Members are also able to update their own details themselves within their member portal. This is a great advantage as it also saves staff time as they don’t need to waste time updating member information as members have access themselves. The member portal also keeps records of any conversations and support issues members may have, creating greater communication streams. 

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