Conference Management System V2 Launched

Mike Whitehouse - ME CEO

Version 2 of the ME conference management system has been launched with a number of new features and improvements. The new version further builds on the features of the first version with additions to; abstracts, speaker’s corner, design and responsiveness, usability and management. 

The conference system has been specifically crafted with a focus on the end user, with the ability to easily create and configure conferences while monitoring and managing attendees. Run conferences like never before with a streamlined process and a sophisticated interface. 

The ME Conference Difference

Many existing conference systems use external plugins and integrations which can become time consuming and unmanageable. The beauty of the ME conference membership management system is that it is a module that has been built into the existing framework and can be simply turned on for clients when needed. Everything is managed from within the one CRM database.

The system is built within the Drupal open source content management system that provides a scalable platform to self-manage conferences.  A few of the conference system features include: a conference website, one or multi-day conferences, multiple session times throughout each day, accommodation, additional products, early bird discounts, other discounts and social events.

V2 Improvements

1. Event Notifications - Once ticket/s have been purchased, notifications can be sent to all attendees asking them to come to the website and configure their event preferences.
Benefit: This allows for users to modify their itinerary after they have registered and paid without having to depend on your resources to make these changes.

2. Conference Website is Mobile Responsive - The latest version has been crafted in the mobile responsive framework.
Benefit: Users are able to access the conference from their smartphones and tablets. Whether it’s buying a ticket or choosing their sessions or looking for information during the conference, this can all be achieved while on the go. 

3. Abstract Management – The entire abstract process is now easily managed within the ME conference from the search and management of abstracts to speaker selection.
Benefit: Staff save time and resources with the ability to manage the entire process from within the CRM.

4. Individual Itinerary Management – Each person is able to configure their itinerary after tickets have been purchased via their member portal.
Benefit: Allow attendees to easily update and change their session preferences in a self-service manner, providing a great experience for attendees.  

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The Conference Management System is constantly evolving to the specific requirements of our membership organisations, meeting both the staff and user’s needs. New features and functionality are always being added to improve the usability of the system. Stay tuned for more updates and features to come!

Here is the V2 homepage of the Conference Managment System Responsive Design:

ME Conference Management System for Associations