Automatic Renewals

Dreading your upcoming membership renewals? 

Associations waste too much time and resources sending out manual renewals each year.  Depending on your association and your renewal process they may be more often than annually if you have quarterly and half yearly renewals as well. Your renewal process can be be stress free and automatic with the latest Member Evolution software membership management.

The automatic renewal process has a range of benefits for both members and organisation. The automated process saves you time and everything being electronic reduces the amount of paper and impact on the environment. The worry and stress is taken away following up your members manually with our fully automated reminder system, customised to meet your exact needs. Our membership system also offers grace periods and late payments to be made.      

The automated renewal process also benefits members as they don’t need to worry about paying set up fees again nor receiving inadequate time for their renewal. The renewal process also allows members to automate all of their billing and when their subscriptions are due. The entire process for both members and staff is simple but effective.  

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