AuSAE Networking Series 1 Wrap up

Mike Whitehouse - Member Evolution Executive Director

As an annual partner of AuSAE, Member Evolution has attended every networking lunch in the series so far this year and as such have experienced first hand the staggering re-invigoration of AuSAE in all cities nationwide and at the same time sampled some very fine food!

The lunches have been a great opportunity for Member Evolution to meet professionals in the NFP space and the level of interest in AuSAE and its plans for the future has been staggering to say the least. All lunches to date have been full with more people wishing to attend so the next round should see increased numbers as the word spreads about the quality of the association and the benefits of membership.

The venues for the lunches have been exceptional and many people have commented on the quality of the venues, food and overall experience, which positions AuSAE in a very positive light and further strengthens the AuSAE brand in both Australia and New Zealand.

Belinda and Kimberley have both worked extremely hard to provide excellent networking opportunities for all attendees and this, together with the committee meetings, will see AuSAE continue to grow throughout 2013 and beyond. I look forward to meeting even more people in the next round of lunches and increasing my frequent flyer points at the same time!!