Additional Revenue Streams

Need to create recurring revenue streams but unsure where to begin? 

There are a number of features and tools that should be basic fundamentals for each association. In order to keep your members and their businesses up to date and utilising the most effective forms of media and training you association first needs to provide these opportunities. Not only does your members benefit but so does your association with recurring revenue streams. The Member Evolution member and association management solution comes with a range of these tools and functions inbuilt within the membership system.  

Additional revenue streams that your association is able to utilise includes:

  • Events
  • Products
  • Training courses and workshops
  • Online resources
  • Advertising banners
  • Classifieds
  • Sponsorship

These revenue streams are a great way for associations and Not-For-Profit organisations to gain extra income from. All of the the sections above are easily customised to your website, and members and website visitors are able to find them quickly and easily.

The multiple sources of income for an association also benefits their members as they are able to take advantage of these additional membership features. Businesses of the association can also take advantage of media opportunities through the use of sponsorship and advertising banners. These media opportunities are utilised in the perfect environment specifically targeting industry members while driving traffic to their websites.

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