Activity Management

Having trouble delegating staff with the more important activities?

It is almost impossible to monitor your staffs efficiencies while directing them to the more important activities that require immediate action. Not to mention trying to keep on top of all of your own tasks and meetings on a day to day basis. Now with the Member Evolution association management software activity management is made easy.

Member Evolution has a number of tools that enables executives and staff to manage their activities and to promote any tasks that need immediate attention. Within the customer relationship management (CRM), staff and executives are able to view all tasks assigned to each member along with their own tasks. This allows executives to monitor what task are planned and which are complete. There is also an option of highlighting a tasks priority allowing easy identification on which tasks are more important than others.

The membership software and activity management allows members to better develop their confidence and trust in your association, as the activity management enhances customer service. The customer service is gained and improved through the service they receive from staff as they can now manage their activities and time more efficiently.   

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